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Solar Power from Run on Sun

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What makes Run on Sun the right choice for your solar project?

Start with three simple words: attention to detail. We don’t believe in a formulaic, “one-size-fits-all” approach to meeting your needs. Instead, we will take the time to review your bills, evaluate—in person—your home or commercial site for its solar potential, answer all of your questions, and only then will we provide you with a proposal for going solar.

We make our living selling solar, but not every site is a good candidate—and if that is the case with you, we will tell you. At Run on Sun, it is important that you are thrilled with the result of this process, and that means exceeding your needs and surpassing your expectations—not just satisfying our sales goals.

Our attention to detail manifests in other ways as well, for example:

“Run on Sun installed a PV system at our property and we are very happy with the results. More importantly, we’re happy we chose Run on Sun to be our installer. They navigated all the City requirements for us. They were very professional during the time they were on our property doing the installation. My wife and I would highly recommend Run on Sun to anyone.”

Bob G., Pasadena

  • NABCEP Certification—All three of our principals have achieved certification by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). This is widely described as the “gold standard” in the solar industry, and no other company in SoCal can make this claim.
  • No Surprises—We will keep you informed, every step of the way. You will know when your project is going to start, and how long it will take.
    No surprises means no hassle for you.
  • A “Seamless” Experience—You need a solar contractor who will handle every aspect of the installation process, from submitting the rebate reservation and interconnection agreement, to pulling permits and handling inspections with a minimum of disruption to your business or home.

Put that together, and you end up with comments like Bob's—give us a call and let us make you happy, too!



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Experience Matters…

Your solar project is unique.
You need a solar contractor with the experience to treat it that way!

Every solar project presents its own set of challenges. Whether it’s difficult roof layouts, demanding deadlines, or utility imposed hurdles to overcome, an experienced solar contractor like Run on Sun has seen—and overcome—them all.

“What we loved about Run on Sun was the fact that they are very mission driven and really delivered everything that we had asked for, worked with us very professionally, and now not only do we have something that is helping us consume less energy but it is something that we know we can really use with [our students].”

Elizabeth McGregor, Head of Westridge School

That is the experience you need for your project, and that is what Run on Sun delivers for all of our clients.

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